Our innovative program

Bring a Smarter Control to newtork service with Artificial Intelligence

Our Innovative program’s goal is to add more flexibility and simplicity to our customers. It’s an added service on top of our SD-WAN service. It uses all Data generated by the SD-WAN to go further every current SD-WAN solution on the market.

Our ambition is to provide an industrial tool that will provide finally reliable Telco services” Marc, Pyxya’s CEO


An augmented user experience

Our program is complementary to our SD-WAN services, in order to go beyond current usage of network services.


  • Enlight in a relevant and detailed way the uses and risks linked to client organizations through the generalized study of their IT flows using Big-Data and AI technologies.
  • Analyze events in real time, and compare them to historical models, in order to detect weak signals announcing anomalies, indicators and service needs, to quickly anticipate corrective or evolving actions
  • Automate recurring, urgent and / or complex tasks in order to assist, and gradually relieve administrators of operations subject to slowness, errors and therefore customer dissatisfaction.
  • Empower the infrastructure, on the ground of the previous elements, in order to provide continuous and dynamic optimization for clients’ service architectures, and significantly improve the quality of users’ experience.
  • Expose the data, raw or structured, in order to allow our partners and end customers to themselves take advantage of this wealth of information and develop their own data-centric services and / or conduct their own analyzes.


All those functionalities while offering to our customers an easy channel of interaction using natural language: a ChatBot. This interface will become the way to use our solution as simply as possible.

Every SD-WAN vendor talk about simplicity, but propose their own web interface. What could be simpler and easier, to speak in natural language with a chatbot in order to obtain information you need?” Nicolas MARIN, Head of Innovative Department

A program supported by institutions

Since 2019, PYXYA is supported by BPI France, a funding that support startup and innovative business in France. BPI France supports companies like Openclassrooms, Doctolib, … in their scale up.


Beginning of 2020, PYXYA has integrated Microsoft For Startup program. At a worldwide scale, this program targets few innovative startups in each country and help them in their development.



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Our offer

PYXYA propose an innovative managed SD-WAN solution that will evolve to the SD-Branch.